AFS World Café

Helpful tools

Welcome to the AFS World Café—a community for global citizens! 

The WoCa is the new communications hub in AFS—where Volunteers,
Returnees and Staff can find useful tools to support their involvement.

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Create & manage groups
You can create and manage your own WoCa groups for projects, events and other
types of collaboration in your chapter, organization and across borders. 





In Chapter Management key volunteers can access information about people in their local
chapters. You will find an overview of participants, hosted participants, host families and
volunteers—including contact information—to easier manage chapter activities:




In Bio Sheets staff and key volunteers can access short presentations about AFSers coming to your country,
and share individual bio sheets with prospective host families as a tool in host family recruitment:







(coming in late 2016)

Thousands of events take place around the AFS Network every year. The commonality for all these international,
national and local events is that they usually involve AFSers of all ages and roles. To facilitate the management of
these events, we are including an activity and event module in WoCa. The module can be used to create events,
send out invitations and provide easy ways for people to sign up.

It will of course be connected to Global Link so that we only need to ask key information (name, contact
information, dietary restrictions, etc.) once. Any events attended by someone will also be directly registered
to the person in GL to easier keep track of attendance.



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