AFS World Café

Connections & Reconnections

Welcome to the AFS World Café—a community for global citizens!

The WoCa is the new communications hub in AFS—where Volunteers,
Returnees and Staff can connect and reconnect with other AFSers.

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Make sure you complete your WoCa Profile right away! That makes it much easier to connect with other
AFSers and to get access to different types of content in the community. 






Share what the #AFSeffect means to you

Courage, volunteerism and learning have been constants throughout our history. A century ago, this resulted in thousands
of lives saved by volunteer AFS Ambulance Drivers in WWI. Today, AFS transform thousands of lives every year through 
our international and intercultural programs. Creating change is what AFSers do, and we call it the AFS Effect.





Find and connect with other AFSers

Search and reconnect with other AFSers based on criteria as their
program year, sending country and hosting country.





Find a Mentor—or become one

Find an AFSer to mentor you in educational and professional areas,
or become a mentor yourself!



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