How it works

Selection Committee

  • Amalie Ferdinand, member of the Board of Trustees
  • Chernor Bah, youth advocate for the Global Partnership for Education and member of the Steering Committee of the United Nations Global Education First Initiative.
  • Gabrielle Paris, 2015 winner
  • Luis Diego Herrera-Lopez, 2015 winner
  • Maria Maione, Organization Development Intern, youngest staff member at AFS International
  • Yutthakrit Chalermthai, 2015 winner

Submission Format

  • List the nominees’ most outstanding contributions to AFS
  • List the characteristics that the nominee has that are not usually seen at AFS
  • Explain how the nominee has brought a fresh perspective to AFS

Award Criteria

The volunteer nominated should be up until 30 years of age in 2016 and must have made an exceptional contribution, contribute something unusual and bring a fresh perspective to the organization. Three winners will be awarded.

What Do Winners Receive?

The Young AFS Volunteer Award winners will receive an engraved plate and a certificate, presented in person by the President of AFS Intercultural Programs or a member of the International AFS Board of Trustees.


Established in 2015, the Young AFS Volunteer Award for Outstanding Service recognizes AFS Volunteers under 30 years old whose exceptional contributions to the organization have made a difference advancing the mission and goals of AFS.

Volunteerism has an important role to play in harnessing the potential of young people. It is an important means of supporting young people in their diversity, whilst fostering their inclusion in global peace and sustainable human development processes. Young volunteers do make a difference in AFS organizations around the globe. The Young AFS Volunteer Award for Outstanding Service is a response to demographic shifts (a rapidly growing global youth population) and in recognition of both the potential (enthusiasm, creativity and energy) and the challenges (exclusion, leadership) this large cohort faces.

AFS hopes to inspire a generation of young volunteers by recognizing and honoring the fundamental contributions they make on a daily basis to promote intercultural understanding through our programs.

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Young AFS Volunteer Award Recipients


  • Yutthakrit Chalermthai, Thailand
  • Luis Diego Herrera-Lopez, Costa Rica
  • Gabrielle Paris, USA