How it works

Submission Format

  • Brief description of the nominee's journey/career and how it was shaped by the AFS values;
  • Description of the nominee's achievements and contributions to advance the mission and goals of AFS;
  • Description nominees's impact on the AFS community at large and why this AFS Volunteer should receive the Galatti Award. 

Award criteria

The criteria is demonstrated commitment and exceptional dedication, and to have advanced the mission and goals of AFS.

What Do Winners Receive? 

The 2016 Galatti Award winner(s) will receive an engraved plate and a certificate, handed out in person by the President of AFS International or a member of the International Board of Trustees. In addition, the winner's local chapter will receive the Galatti Award Partial Diversity Scholarship. This scholarship provides financial assistance to a candidate who would not otherwise be able to participate on an AFS program.

Established in 1983, the Galatti Award for Outstanding Volunteer Service honors AFS volunteers whose longtime commitment, dedication and exceptional journey with the organization have advanced the mission and goals of AFS and created an impact in the AFS Community.

Stephen Galatti served as the Director General of AFS for more than 28 years, from its beginnings in 1936 until his death in 1964. During this time, he built and transformed AFS from a volunteer ambulance service into a world-wide organization that promotes peace and global awareness through intercultural learning experiences.

Galatti worked tirelessly to expand the AFS global community, reaching out to ever-larger numbers of participants, families and countries. He created a program model that relied heavily on the continued support of dedicated volunteers, who he saw as the driving force behind the organization.

In keeping with Galatti’s vision, AFS places the highest value on its volunteers and recognizes them as the drivers of all AFS programs. It is in tribute to Galatti and to devoted AFS volunteers that the Galatti Award for Outstanding Volunteer Service was established. 


Galatti Award Recipients 


Ingrid Bason, Denmark
Chanettee Nikrothanon, Thailand
Lucy Lim Ting Kea, Malaysia


Rodrigo Antonio Ferrada-González, Chile
Monique Buffin, France
Sharon Held, USA
Ulises Boom, Dominican Republic


Rev. Allan Okomeng-Mensah, Ghana
Adrienne Rowell, Australia


Raylene Sommerville, New Zealand
Karoly Rosta, Hungary
Victor Oporto, Argentina


Patrick Vandendriessche, Belgium Flanders
Martha Garay de Cáceres, Honduras
Xu Jiandong, China


Yasuko Koike, Japan
Ma. Guadalupe Hernández Rentería, Mexico
Larry Ralph, United States (deceased)


Maria Teresa Basualdo, Argentina
Robert Kaminker, France
Lorna Szentivanyi, New Zealand
Carol Ann Zimmerman, United States


Marcia Buckle, Brazil
Ilse Brehm, Germany
Eria Magnani Calatroni, Italy


Gloria de Mantilla, Colombia
Britt-Eva Jakobsen, Norway
Judy Weyand, United States


Yasuko Araki, Japan
Nina Crawford, New Zealand
Maria Forini, Brazil
Franz Greimel, Austria


Grace Fernandez, Costa Rica
Maija Nykänen, Finland
Eulalia Fleitas de Royg, Paraguay
Tanju Verda Akan, Turkey


Traudl Stürmer, Germany
Jerene Thomas, United States
Di Yan, China


Cathie Currin, United States
Ma Dolores Gonzalez Diaz de Cerio, Spain
Norma Delicia Fernandez, Argentina


Karen Elizabeth Hapgood, UK (Deceased)
Masaichi and Mieko Hattori, Japan
José Luis Villanueva Olalla, Venezuela


Bambang Soetikno, Indonesia
Mama Lily Sebolai, South Africa
Praphasri Pumsiri, Thailand


Daisy Lau, Hong Kong


Alice Elizabeth Francis, New Zealand
Glória de Bastiani de Carvalho, Brazil


Sonia Barría, Panama (Deceased)
Claudio Beccari, Italy


Heinz Traxler, Austria
Annika Becker, Sweden
Siti Khatijah Hassan, Malaysia


Fran Furlong, United States
Lis Beyer Iversen, Denmark
Miguel Oswaldo Rosales Torres, Guatemala


Ester Amdam, Norway
Deizi Andrigheti Antunes, Brazil
Hallbørg Fiksdal, Norway
Barbara Joan Lofthouse, Australia


Jacqueline Hendrix, Belgium


Inge Rauschning, Germany


Elizabeth Ballesteros Quiróz, Bolivia


Birger Nissen, Denmark


Pat and Basil Teague, New Zealand


Gilda Olmedo de Quintana, Paraguay


Enid Donaldson-Mignotte, Jamaica


Gordon Clemens, United States


Rosemarie Popp, Germany


Rosemary Gettleman, United States
Rolf Neiger, Switzerland


Lorna Clayton, Australia
Eunice Grimaldi, United States
Erich Langer, Austria


Edith Baker, New Zealand
Elita Hawley, United States
Carlos Lazarte, Peru
Gus Leimkuhler, United States