Experience the world though a portable exhibition

AFS exchange students and host families experience other cultures and the world in a way which is inaccessible for tourists. Their intercultural encounters are so inspiring that AFS Czech Republic decided to share them with the wider audiences.

We put together a portable exhibition of authentic photos and stories of AFS Czech Republic alumni who spent their intercultural experiences around the world - from Costa Rica, Malaysia to Sweden and beyond. These memories are filled with priceless experiences and adventures for a lifetime. Our exhibition provides new perspectives and insights into other cultures, demonstrating how AFS exchange programs can open people’s hearts and broaden their horizons.

For me the program itself was mainly about people I have met. My host family, classmates, salesman in a shop or random man on the street… I had a chance to talk to all of them and learn something from them. I have made friendships that last even after my return home and I believe they will last forever. (Kačka Cohnová, Czech Republic to Costa Rica, 2015)

I will never forget this experience. At the beginning, I felt that going abroad is a chance for a change and a good way to escape from my daily routine at high school. After some time, I realized how big the impact of AFS is my future. (Filip Lejhanec, Czech Republic to Malaysia, 2013)

The exhibition has already been set up with great success in four high-schools and two municipal houses, while more partners, such as school, cultural and educational centers are expected to join the project. Our dedicated volunteers and educators cooperating with AFS are there to open the exhibition with a special event, such as a presentation from AFS alumni, a debate or an intercultural party.

We are happy to share our experiences and learning points from this experience with other AFS network organizations, and would recommend everyone to set up a similar event. This is a very interesting and engaging way to talk to our audiences about hosting, going on an exchange program or volunteering for AFS. Authentic and personal experiences are crucial when talking about AFS and will enable more people to experience the world together!

This blog post was contributed by , School Relations Coordinator at AFS Czech Republic.