AFS at the 2016 Summer Institute for Intercultural Communication

Starting today July 13th until July 29th, hundreds of professionals and educators of the intercultural communication field will gather to attend the 2016 Summer Institute for Intercultural Communication (SIIC) in Portland, Oregon, USA. The Summer Institute for Intercultural Communication has a 40 years of experience in educational and professional development on intercultural theory, training and facilitation, which offers over 50 different offerings of five-day, three-day and one-day workshops this year.

AFS is happy to have 20 volunteers and staff members from around the world participating in different workshops throughout this engaging event. We are also proud to have representatives in the faculty of SIIC:

  •  and , from our Education & Intercultural Learning team at AFS International, will lead a 1-day workshop titled “Inspiring Curiosity: Fostering Intercultural Competence for Students, Faculty, and Staff”. In this highly interactive workshop, our experienced trainers will share AFS’s best practice in developing a Student Learning Journey that inspires our students throughout our study abroad programs and beyond. The participants in this workshop will get the chance to facilitate quick and adaptable experiential learning activities for developing intercultural skills. They will see how these activities can be used in different settings to turn brief experiences into long lasting learning opportunities.
  • , Executive Director of AFS Egypt, will also be co-facilitating a 1-day workshop on “The Middle East: Meaning, Identity, and Discovery” together with our volunteer . The course aims to lift the veil of the perspectives on the Middle East that mostly reduce Arab identities to wealth, violence and incomprehensible Islam. The workshop will provide deeper insights into the Arab World and show its participants what the Western world is like though an Arab lens.

photo by @ici_portland

You can find more information about SIIC at the event website and also follow their social media updates during the event at the Intercultural Communication Institute (ICI) Facebook page. ICI is headed by Janet Bennett, editor of the SAGE Encyclopedia of Intercultural Competence, and a longstanding partner of AFS.

This post comes to us from , a Fellow for the Intercultural Link Learning Program at AFS International. She started her journey with AFS two years ago as a staff member of AFS Brazil after finishing her BA in Social Sciences and participating in a young professionals exchange program in Norway.